Subconscious Mind Power Ppt

Scientific research indicates that the subconscious mind is immensely powerful. It is estimated that only 0.01% of all brain activity is experienced consciously. Put in everyday terms, which is comparable to 10,000 movie playback on the mind all at once, while the individual only aware of one of them.

In "The Speed Reading Book, Tony Buzan draws attention to the enormous potential of the brain to receive and retain information through reading. He said: "The great artists, thinkers, scientists and even some presidents read speeds more than 1,000 words per minute. You can too. "(Chapter 7 p. 69.)

Introducing PhotoReading

A method called PhotoReading has now gone even further, stating that you can train to read 25,000 words per minute.

Here is where the power of the subconscious mind comes Those using the PhotoReading method of taking a mental image or snapshot of an entire page at once, letting the unconscious mind to record and store information.

That really is information overload, but surprisingly, numerous reports indicate that this method works for many people. Floods in the brain with what appears to be more information than they reasonably can absorb the great potential advantage of the brain to retain information read more steadily.

Application of the principles of PhotoReading Flashcards

This has important implications for the use of aid visuals when teaching languages. Lightning has been a very useful tool for years to teach words and phrases. Infants and very young children, especially seem to learn quickly through this method.

Traditionally, a student is exposed to a series of cards containing words or phrases with or without images. Each card is passed in front of students for a few seconds and repeated maybe two or three times during the day. This method itself is very productive in that students remember the vocabulary.

Using Presentations

Now with computer-aided tools, it is possible create a slideshow version of the flash card system using software such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

Here is where the principles of PhotoReading can be used. While a slide show staged in a slide every few seconds can be very effective, imagine assembling 120 cards in a presentation creating slide shows and the speed to 1 second. Within two minutes a student will have been exposed to 120 different words and phrases.

While it would of course, be able to remember 120 words or phrases, their eyes have taken snapshots and information entered into the subconscious mind.

If this is done several times the mind starts to rapidly absorb a large amount of information. This exercise can be used as a "softening" process to prepare the mind for a more detailed review later.

Once a student has had a flashcard session overhead, the slide can then be slowed for each slide is shown in detail. Explanation can be given if needed on the meaning of the word or phrase.

Use the Saturation technique

Realizing the enormous potential of the brain, a teacher can saturate the minds of students knowing the vocabulary which will keep a reasonable percentage of it after repeated viewings.

Of course, a teacher will have to use discernment with this method in order to avoid getting students, and not overuse it.

At the same time, push the mind to function at new and higher levels produce wonderful results in the future, not only with language learning, but with everything a student chooses to apply to their thought processes.

In conclusion: How to learn English? Use the power of flashcard overload!

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